InfoWARE E-Business Suite

With our E-business Portal investment institutions are better enabled to increase customer base and revenue, reduce the cost of doing business as customers are empowered to do everything online – without growing cost and staff.

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InfoWARE E-Business Suite

InfoWARE E-Business Portal integrates directly with a web portal allowing your customers have direct access to their information, trade easily the market data terminal in real-time.

Designed with the latest technology, the client facing portal enable Investment Institutions create innovative products that capture key features such as Market data terminal, real-time info, Payment integration, Trade from portfolio, Bizchat, Market Bid and Offer, Case lodgment and Inquiries, and lots more.


The InfoWARE E-Business Suite comes  with an array of features that make managing your portfolio online a breath of fresh air

Account Statement
Two factor Authentication
Real-time Trading
Market Research
Account On-boarding
Fund Account
Switch Accounts

Benefits of InfoWARE E-Business Suite

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