[titlesimple title=”Infoware” after_title=”Financials ERP”]Highly scalable mainframe quality accounting suite that adapts to your business instead of forcing your business to adapt to it. The suite is very flexible and highly customizable without requiring an army of consultants.

The InfoWARE Accounting suite is the foundation upon which the other suites are built. It captures every transaction a company conducts and automatically routes it to the correct GL ledger. It is seamless and virtually unnoticeable when using the other suites. Once one time setup of accounting parameters are done, the system automatically posts the underlying accounting entries as you use the other higher level suites. Any accounting business rules (such as preventing accounts from being overdrawn) applied at the Accounts Suite level will be enforced irrespective of the higher level suite in use.

InfoWARE ERP Financials can provide your business with an integrated solution that will help you to:[/titlesimple]

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Customize your system to fit your business needs and manage growth Flexible deployment options—hosted or on-premise—and a highly customizable system allow you to adapt to meet the needs of your business and adapt to demands of your industry.


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Improve productivity An integrated system streamlines internal operations to help sales, marketing, finance, and operations work more effectively as a team—keeping your customers happy and your business competitive.


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Compete globally This global solution supports multiple languages (five out of the box), currencies, companies, sites, and legislations to help you manage operations in international locations and transact business seamlessly with global customers.


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Manage compliance Conform to global standards and ensure regulatory compliance with legislative requirements across business applications for reduced risk and increased peace of mind.


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