InfoWARE Global ERP

You can spend TONS of money on application software and still not have the information you need to run your business. That’s because most application software is not designed specifically for your business environment.

InfoWARE Global Investments (IWGi) is designed and developed primarily to meet the requirements of stockbrokers,  money managers and investment banks in emerging market economies. IWGi captures all the information needed to provide a complete view of what’s going on in your business combined with real-time business intelligence and analytics that provides unprecedented insight into your business.  For a detailed analysis of the InfoWARE application

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Customer Relationship Management

Signature Verification


Stock Broking

Portfolio Management

Investment (Deposits) Fund Management

Mutual Fund Management

Personal Wealth Management

Customer Loans Management

Customer Leases Management

Statistical and Graphical Analysis

Direct interface to the E-Business Suite



Real-time decision

Risk management and Risk monitoring

Document Management

IFRS compliance

Integrated SMS and Email Marketing

Personal Earnings Annuity Scheme/Trusteeship

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