[titlesimple title=”A TRUSTED SOLUTION FOR SMEs Optimize” after_title=” Adapt and Extend Your Core Business Processes” css_animation=”bounce”]We have a top-notch, sophisticated ERP solution for SMEs called the “InfoWARE Business Essentials”. Recognized for ease of use, InfoWARE Business Essential connects SME entire operations from Account Management to Inventory Management, Payroll & HR Management as well as Enterprise Risk Management etc. With a single integrated solution, we provide SME businesses with greater visibility, making it easier to unlock potential, reduce costs, improve performance (and hence business growth) and proactively make informed decisions.

With rock-solid, fully functional financial/accounting module, our solution helps SMEs with strong financial management capabilities as well as unrivalled business intelligence reporting, without which lots of SMEs are unable to measure profitability and project business potential/growth.[/titlesimple]

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