Infoware asset management

InfoWARE Wealth and Asset Management

#1 Asset Management Solution

in Africa that syndicates data, analytics, real-time risk management, and all capabilities required to effectively manage large multi-asset portfolios and funds, and help you meet clients’ need seamlessly. Top Investment institutions use InfoWARE Asset Management software to manage investments across various asset and investment classes – Bonds, commercial papers, fixed deposit, Treasury Bills, Placements, Cash, etc.

Solutions By Industry

Our asset management software serve various industries. With well over 150 enterprise customers and counting across Pan Africa, InfoWARE – Africa’s #1 software solution provider



InfoWARE financial suite is the foundation upon which other suite are built. This suite adapts your business instead of forcing your business to adapt to it.

Risk Management

Enables you eliminate disparate systems, manage and monitor risk across the entire investment lifecycle using a single solution.

Maintain Customer

Manage customer requests and complaint, measure and raise customer satisfaction during all stages of the service life-cycle and drives targeted cross-sell/ up-sell.


Automates workflow, generate standard regulatory compliant reports with real-time data custom reporting, for effective decision making processes.

Why us

Businesses run better
with InfoWARE PFM

portfolio managers increase investor flows, capital appreciation and reinvested dividends, they use InfoWARE PFM to monitor the flow of investor’s money in a particular fund and asset.


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