InfoWARE Benefits

These can be summarized quite simply as Save Money, Save Time, Focus your technology budget on, competitive advantage instead of infrastructure.

Gain access to our latest innovations

Several factors contribute to making it considerably less expensive to implement an InfoWARE solution in the cloud than a traditional on-premises application. These factors include:

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Lower IT costs.


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Economies of scale


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Pay as you go


When you subscribe to InfoWARE, you avoid the overhead associated with implementing conventional software. A typical software implementation involves purchasing and maintaining servers, housing them securely, and installing and maintaining the software. This requires the time and effort of experienced IT personnel and deflects the efforts of employees at a number of levels away from the core mission of your organization. According to Phil Wainewright, analyst with Summit Strategies and founder of ASPNews.com and Loosely Coupled,the cost of implementing conventional enterprise software is four to five times the cost of the original license”

The low subscription costs for IWGIv10 reflect the economies of scale achieved by the innovative and pioneering efforts of InfoWARE which InfoWARE has in turn passed in savings to it’s customers.

When you subscribe to InfoWARE, you pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. Compared to a traditional software license, this subscription payment structure works to your advantage.

An on-going monthly expense is easier to incorporate into your budget than a large one-time outlay. You can start small and increase your subscription as your business grows without having to buy new servers or increase your IT department needs like traditional licenses forces you to do and you don’t have to worry about making a huge IT capital expenditure outlay that you hope will satisfy your business needs a year from now.

Rather than making a long-term commitment to one fixed account structure, you can add or subtract accounts at any time as your organizational needs shift.

Because you eliminate many of the typical implementation tasks associated with other vendors’ licensed software and because our software can be setup and ready in no time in our data center, our deployment time is guaranteed to be much shorter compared to other vendors.

Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of Nucleus Research, compares deployment times for hosted applications such as InfoWARE: typically 6 times (or better) faster than traditionally licensed applications.

When you subscribe to IWGIv10, you free your organization from supporting high-cost, time-consuming IT functions, including:

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Purchasing and supporting the server infrastructure necessary to install and maintain the software in-house.


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Providing the equipment redundancy and housing necessary to ensure security, reliability, and scalability.


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Maintaining a labor-intensive patch and upgrade process.


As Mike McDerment, President and CEO of FreshBooks, points out, “redirection of resources is a hidden cost that often goes unaccounted for. The more time your employees spend maintaining equipment, downloading and installing patches, and supporting software upgrades, the less time they are spending on your core business activities”

With traditional licensed software, you typically have to wait for the next release to benefit from the latest innovations or to move your organization to a new server or operating system. Given the cost and complexity of moving to a new version, it may not even be practical to upgrade each time a new release becomes available.

With InfoWARE’s cloud subscription, on the other hand, you benefit from innovations on an on-going basis. As soon as a new or improved feature appears in the application, you can begin using it.

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