The Opportunity

The PAN African region which is InfoWARE’s target market is forecasted by the world bank to have one of the fastest growth rate in the world through the next decade with Nigeria averaging more than 7% growth through the period; Ghana projected to grow at more 13% in 2012 and others doing particularly well also. Premier Investment Banks and Financial institutions in this region are extremely well positioned to take advantage of the opportunities arising with the right back and front office ERP system, country knowledge and experience in the region.

InfoWARE’s ERP solutions will enable financial  institution  deliver a high quality experience to their  customers via an integrated front office, internet banking and back office solution integrated into a single ERP ecosystem that is not fragmented and with no duplication of information. All subsystems talk to the same database and utilize the same data resources and business objects.

InfoWARE customers have used our solution to process over 100 Trillion units of equities worth over 2 Trillion Naira in trades since 1997.

InfoWARE Limited is a customer driven company and believes strongly in giving our customers quality, choice and value for money. We have a very strong position as one of the premier provider of software solutions for the Nigerian capital market (stockbroking companies) and we are very proud to state we power the #1 Nigerian stockbroking house in terms of branch network, customer base and internet traffic, the #1 Nigerian stockbroking house in terms of volume traded (Falcon Securities Limited (using 2008 data)) and a host of other stockbroking companies including subsidiaries of ECO Bank, Skye Bank, GT Bank and Sterling Bank.

InfoWARE provides the capability for financial institutions irrespective of their size to be a 21st century global player. Using our SaaS deployment for example, InfoWARE enables you to be operational 24×7 with your customers being able to do business with you 24×7 anytime anywhere in the world in online real time mode.

We provide a feature set that has exceeded the expectations of even the most demanding of financial service companies in and outside of Nigeria and best of all we provide this at significant low cost and then back it up with unsurpassed quality service and support.

Our software solutions are highly reliable, modular and configurable while at the same time highly scalable. Our clients range from small companies with 3 user licenses to very large companies with 200 user licenses so you can be rest assured that we will out of the box provide you the capability to meet your existing and future growth needs.

InfoWARE is a fully Integrated ERP System and a fully capable ERP system built from the ground up for the PAN African market which makes it fully aligned with your business objectives. It has:

1. Consistent and highly user friendly user interface: Our product is not a mis-mash of different products but rather a unified and architected with the same development tools, database design and thought process. This results in significantly low learning huddles and training costs which results in higher employee productivity.

2. Integrated Document Management: From customers, account officers to employees, all and any documents associated with any of the mentioned entities can be stored in the system and retrieved at the click of a button. This also has the effect of satisfying critical regulatory requirements in terms of document retention while eliminating the need for keeping paper copies. This alone could save millions of dollars in a few years.

3. Multi-Branch/Multi-Company Capability: InfoWARE can produce P&L, Balance sheet, Trial Balances and the full complement of Financials at the single branch, multi-branch and company level. Branches are treated as logical entities which allows our clients to group them together in potentially “virtual” companies for data mining and data analysis either for performance comparisons or for management decision making.

4. Risk Management: Below are just some of the out of the box risk management capabilities: Integration of Loans to Asset Management, Online Real-Time Business Intelligence & Dashboard module, Fixed Income/Placement Gap Analysis and Audit Trail.

5. Brokerage Operations: As part of processing the trade transactions, InfoWARE stores the trade transaction file from the trading exchange in its full fidelity within its database. Should the need arise (a dispute with the Exchange, an auditing requirement or a fraud investigation), InfoWARE can regurgitate the original trade file in its full 100% fidelity. Apart from the audit function, this of course saves our customers the cost of having to maintain those trade files in perpetuity.

6. Customer Engagement/Email Marketing: InfoWARE delivers an email marketing module for delivering personalized emails messages, newsletters and others to customers and future prospects.

7. InfoWARE Dashboard: This module allows for creation of unlimited user defined dashboards for monitoring KPIs and other business metrics. Your KPI could the Company P&L, Budget Monitoring, Stage of Completion of a Task or Project and every other Information that of concern to management and that need to be seen in a single view.

8. InfoWARE Real-Time Decisions: This does continuous monitoring of defined KPIs and business metrics and based on set triggers, it will send an SMS or email alert or a full blown report. This allows for online real-time risk management and “Management By Exception” capabilities.

9. Web based trading platform and Internet Banking: InfoWARE provides a comprehensive web based trading platform which includes a unique 2 factor authentication mechanism for validating trades which is considered by security professionals as much better and more secure than use of Token devices.

We provide our clients with first rate business solutions and back it up with unequalled service and support. We have support teams located in both Nigeria and USA which enable us to provide 24×7 support for platinum customers.

Our premier maintenance and support packages can be further customized to suit our customers’ specific business needs. We believe in listening and being flexible to our customer needs and we typically work with them to further customize the premier (Gold or Platinum) packages if the default does not satisfy their business needs.