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Factors affecting trading in the fixed income trading market

Fixed-income investment has over the years become increasingly complex. It is imperative that those who develop fixed income strategies (economists, analysts, and strategists); those who implement strategies (asset managers and traders); and, ultimately, those who benefit from the strategies (individuals, corporates, and governments) do not lose sight of the risk involved. Generally, risks have a […]

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InfoWARE received financial technology provider Award & Uwa Agbonile bags Fintech CEO of the year at the 5TH Nigeria Finance Innovation Awards 2019

There are those people who constantly and tirelessly work behind the scenes, ensuring that processes are fast, easy, and smooth in the finance sector of the country. These unsung heroes need to be recognised and appreciated for the good work they do. The Nigeria Finance Innovation Awards was birthed out of the need to celebrate […]

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InfoWARE Market Data Terminal now Integrated into University’s Curriculum

In a bid to build a bridge between “town and gown”; ‘town’ being the non-academic population and ‘gown’ metonymically being the university community; InfoWARE Limited, as one of its Corporate Social responsibility, partners with Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) to integrate InfoWARE Market Data Terminal (IMDT) into the University’s curriculum

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FBNQuest Securities goes live on InfoWARE OEMS

Without disrupting the operations of the best broker in Nigeria (Award by EMEA Finance), we seamlessly implemented and deployed our Order and Execution Management Solution (OEMS) and E-Banking Portal to also enable FBNQuest serve the needs of its individual and high net worth clients. To support FBNQuest Securities current business strategy, InfoWARE executed some integrations […]

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Coronation Merchant Bank Asset Management goes live on InfoWARE PFM

Coronation Merchant bank whose vision is to become Africa’s premier investment bank and winner of the best Investment bank in Nigeria 2019 award, recently went live on InfoWARE Portfolio and Fund Management suite of solutions. The solution will enable the bank’s asset management subsidiary manage several SEC-regulated Mutual Funds, effectively manage risk and enhance the […]

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