• coders-and-programmers Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 6 Jun 18
    Are You Ready to Build & Develop with our Enterprise API?

    The enterprise world is changing faster than ever with agility being key to surviving and thriving in today’s business environment. While organizations need to quickly build a new application or mobile-enable existing applications, the complexity and scale of developing new applications are extraordinary. Developers are challenged with long lead times required to provision developing a […]

  • saving-bank Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 28 May 18
    InfoWARE Children’s day Special; Secure Your Child’s Financial Future

    “Rich old people are more attractive than poor old people, so by all means, try to get rich before age sets in. Otherwise, you’ll just be playing catch-up for the rest of your life and that will just wear you out, let me tell you.” – Jill Conner Browne We have all grown up hearing our […]

  • infoware-lbs-event Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 23 May 18
    InfoWARE at Lagos Business School – EDC Network Conference

    InfoWARE, Africa’s #1 Software Solution was present at the EDC- Enterprise Development Center/ LBS (Lagos Business School) Alumni Event. The objective of the event was to provide platforms for owners, managers and stakeholders (service and technology providers) in the SME sector to come together for access to business information. Over 37 million (and counting) SMEs currently employ […]

  • kid with binoculars Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 9 May 18
    Stocks Investors Should Keep an Eye On This Week

    The Nigeria Stock Exchange (NSE) closed on a downward trend with the All Share index down 0.12% month to date. Here is a rundown of stocks we will be keeping tabs on this week. Dangote Flour Mills Dangote Flour Mills is into the milling of wheat and production of wheat based products. The company was […]

  • Cloud Computing Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 8 May 18
    InfoWARE Cloud Power to the Rescue

    The facts about cloud computing are understood by two-thirds of large enterprises, leaving one-third unsure of the benefits of one of the most significant changes in the IT landscape. For many enterprises, a private cloud should be the closest match to their goals, but the journey to the cloud is a step-by-step one that begins […]

  • calculate financial returns Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 18 Apr 18
    Three Stocks to Buy or Sell this Month

    Are you new to the NSE? Deciding which stocks to buy or sell can be a daunting experience for an inexperienced Investor. Not to worry, however, InfoWARE is here for you, we have made a list of three stocks that you should either buy or sell this month. We hope this helps. seplat SEPLAT Petroleum […]

  • ERP System Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 18 Apr 18
    Do You Get Insights from your ERP?

    ERP’S Systems in Nigeria have helped many enterprises in integrating and automating various departmental functions across an organization. The Basic purpose of an ERP system is to initiate the flow of information between different business processes and functions within an organization. For more than 20 years ERP has been in existence in Nigeria but a […]

  • time-is-money Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 14 Apr 18
    Make Money while You Sleep: Earn Passive Income through the Nigerian Stock Market

    Warren Buffet gave the timeless and priceless advice “If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die” and there was really no better way to put it. If you are unable to discover a way to make passive income, you will keep having to work – […]

  • abacus-money Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 14 Apr 18
    3 Easy Steps to Financial Freedom

    That feeling of being broke in the middle of the month is all too familiar. Having to wait until the end of the month to buy something you want can make you feel restricted. The saying “Money is a good servant but a bad master” becomes more accurate when applied to real life, the over-reliance […]

  • time ticking Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 10 Apr 18
    Market In 60 Seconds By Business Day

  • alex city Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 3 Apr 18
    NSE Weekly Summary

    As at Thursday, CUSTODIAN AND ALLIED PLC had the lead with a 9.9% gain and closing at N4.96K. FIDELITY Bank followed closely with a gain of 8.06% and closed at N2.68K. Fig.1.1. InfoWARE Market Date Terminal Heat Map   Fig.1.2.NSE Top Gainers from IMDT For the losers as at Thursday, C&I LEASING PLC led with […]

  • stock-market-analyst Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 3 Apr 18
    Stocks to Watch Out for this Week

    The market opened for four trading sessions this week, as the Federal Government of Nigeria declared Friday 30th March 2018(Good Friday) and Monday 2nd April 2018(Easter Monday) as public holidays. Meanwhile, a total turnover of 1.541 billion shares worth N16.647 billion in 18,805 deals was traded this week by investors on the floor of the […]

  • 2017-In-Review Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 12 Jan 18
    2017 in Review – A Birds-Eye View

    2017 in Review – A Birds-eye View As we review the year 2017, there is more than enough to look back at, to celebrate and to derive lessons from. At InfoWARE, we are not left out! At the years’ end, we can definitely look back and say “Wow, What a year we’ve had.” The year […]

  • nse market data workshop Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 25 Sep 17
    NSE Market Data Workshop 2017

    InfoWARE Limited cordially invites you to the Second Edition of the Market Data Workshop hosted by NSE where our CEO, UWA AGBONILE, will be in the panel discussion. He will be speaking on the theme -“Market Data Technology- How Exchanges across Africa can come together for a viable market data business”. For more information and […]

  • roadshow event Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 20 Sep 17
    InfoWARE Market Data Roadshow

    The InfoWARE Market Data is a culmination of certain events that hope to enlighten both new and existing customers on the benefits of InfoWARE Market Data terminal and the value businesses stand to gain from the solution. Information for the programme schedules and events will be communicated. For more information, contact the following: Titi: +234 806 […]

  • report Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 18 Aug 17

    With the current administration putting effort into moving Nigeria economic situation from the recession, recent Monetary and Fiscal Policies have been formulated to heal the economy. The Forex Market has been stable with the current exchange rate maintained at N364.90 to $1. The inflation rate is currently at 16.1 which has decreased by 14% Year-to-date […]

  • Aliko David Sotunbo
    • David Sotunbo
    • 12 Jul 17

    DANGOTE TO PUMP $4.6B INTO AGRIC SECTOR Aliko Dangote, Africa:”s Richest man to invest $3.8B in sugar production and $800M into Diary production. This would not only give Nigeria food sustainability but also help the currency gain foreign exchange. He made this announcement in Lagos Yesterday.The news should affect the market positively and investors are advised to […]

  • FGN Savings Bond Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 25 May 17
    Benefits of the Introduction of the FGN Savings Bond to the Nigerian Economy

    Up till now, you have to be among the high-net-worth Nigerians to be a player in the capital market and earn fantastic returns on your investment.  Considering the huge amount needed to invest in bonds, retail investors have been shut out for a very long time. However, a window of opportunity for Nigerians to harness […]

  • email marketing Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 29 Mar 17
    I am Optimistic

    There are now great opportunities in the Capital market business. To maximize these opportunities and make a great ROI for your organization requires an effective marketing campaign. One great optimistic example is the FGN Savings Bond recently sold to investors. Imagine generating N1 Billion investors fund a month at every sales cycle. That’s N5 million […]

  • DMO Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 27 Mar 17
    FGN Savings Bond: InfoWARE releases fully automated subscription module

    The first sale of the much awaited FGN Savings Bond made its debut on Monday 13th March 2017. Stockbrokers and other stakeholders in the capital market see the introduction of the FGN Savings Bond as a game changer and a huge opportunity to bring new retail investors to the capital market. There is no doubt […]

  • TVC and InfoWARE partnership Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 25 Jan 17
    TVC and InfoWARE Limited Partner to Enhance Business Programs

    The transformation of the Nigerian Capital market is a collaborative effort of Investors, Technical analyst, and the Media. One of such avenues is to orchestrate a paradigm shift in investors’ perception towards the Nigerian Capital market via the provision and dissemination of current and accurate market data to the investing public around the globe. In […]

  • pie and line charts Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 11 Jan 17
    2016 Stock Market Performance Review: Capital Bancorp MD appears on TVC Business Zone

    The 2016 investment year will remain indelible in the minds of investors on the Nigerian Stock Exchange. This stems from the fact that the nation’s stock market in the reviewed period experienced a major setback which eroded investors’ confidence with over N1 trillion drop in market capitalization. The nation’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) recorded a negative […]

  • wallet with dollars Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 4 Jan 17
    Hedging your Dollar Risk: The InfoWARE Advantage

    Currency swings can and do have an impact on foreign investors over selected time periods. In developed nations, when currencies are devalued, it is to encourage exports, because the prices of local products serve as an incentive and a toast for foreign buyers. However, that is not the position in Nigeria. Though the Nigerian capital […]

  • analytics Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 21 Dec 16
    STANBIC IBTC StockBrokers Ltd appears on TVC: Promoting Nigeria’s Capital Market to a Global Audience

    The Nigerian Capital market has performed fairly well in recent time despite the recession. However, the transformation of the Nigerian Capital market is a collaborative effort of Investors, Technical analyst and the Media. One of such avenues is to orchestrate a paradigm shift in investors perception towards the Nigerian Capital market via the provision and […]

  • Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 28 Nov 16
    Discover New Opportunities with InfoWARE Finance App

    Go Mobile! Now you can buy/sell stocks on the Nigerian Stock Exchange directly from your Mobile Phone, chat with your business partners and friends, snap and share LIVE market feeds through Whatsapp, BBM, Facebook or your favourite media platform. InfoWARE Finance also allows you to set price triggers on your favorite stock and notifies you when […]

  • Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 23 Nov 16
    The Impact of Trump’s Victory on the Nigerian Capital Market

    The current state of U.S political scene creates both challenges and opportunities for investors in the Nigerian Capital Market. While Trumps Victory in the United States Presidential election brought uncertainty to the global market as the air of unsettlement hit investors, there is a potential upside for Nigeria. The momentary weakening of  US dollar relative […]

  • Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 23 Nov 16
    Understanding the Nigerian Capital Market

    Most people understand the basic concept of diversification: “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. However, it is easy to get caught in a trap. For example, some investors believe that they have effectively diversified because they hold a number of different stocks. They don’t realize that they are in for an emotional roller-coaster […]

  • nse workshop infoware Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 31 Oct 16
    NSE Market Data Workshop 2016

    The Nigerian Stock Exchange hosted its maiden market data workshop last Tuesday, 18 October, 2016 at the Civic Center Victoria Island Lagos. The workshop was organized to create more awareness on the critical role of market data in making sound investment decisions both on the buy and sell sides. In attendance at the event included […]

  • Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 29 Sep 16
    Cloud Computing: How Vulnerable Are You?

    Business applications are moving to the cloud. It’s not just a fad—the shift from traditional software models to the Internet has steadily gained momentum over the last 10 years. Looking ahead, the next decade of cloud computing promises new ways to collaborate everywhere, through smart devices.Businesses need to focus on building secure solutions in the […]

  • Charles Esumeh
    • Charles Esumeh
    • 22 Sep 16
    InfoWARE Signs MOU with GTI Securities Limited

    InfoWARE Limited,the foremost Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and leader in delivering Enterprise Resource Planning software across different sectors has signed an MOU with GTI to deliver top of the line Trade Simulation Solution to run on the prestigious GTI Trading Floor for training purposes.Together, InfoWARE and GTI are partnering around trade simulation and training to both […]