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InfoWARE SMS is a leading SMS messaging service provider offering two-way SMS communication services to a group or individuals straight from your internet enabled computer and handheld device to any mobile phone.

We currently deliver SMS to four major GSM networks in Nigeria including, Glo, MTN, Zain, and Etisalat, and most of the major GSM networks internationally. We provide web based SMS services to cooperate organizations, financial institutions, religious institutions, Large and small scales organizations and individual clients.

Simply put, InfoWARE SMS can help your business organization use the mobile channel to enhance your communications, marketing efforts and strengthen customer relationships. And, our direct mobile operator connections enable you to reach any GSM phone subscribers anywhere in the world through one reliable mobile transaction network.

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Send mobile alerts that increase brand awareness and loyalty
Launch mobile marketing campaigns and promotions using SMS and MMS
Use SMS advertising to deliver targeted messages to your consumer base
Deliver innovative enterprise applications and financial services programs
2 Way SMS
Use 2-way SMS to deliver instant and customized services to your clients. For example, a user sends send an SMS message such as “BUY 1000 7UP @5.00” and InfoWARE will detect and process this message on your behalf to automatically into your jobbing book for onward trading

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InfoWARE SMS is also seamlessly integrated into our other product offerings and we provide integration services into other applications as well. With our service, there is tight integration with our stock broking and accounting/financials package such that clients can subscribe to sending deposit and stock trade alerts to any GSM phone anywhere in the world. Also, any organization such as:


Social Clubs


Organizations can maintain a list of its members and uses SMS to notify them of events or changes in events. Our service can also be used as a way of sending notices or marketing products and services directly to people on their GSM phones.

For high volume customers, InfoWARE can deploy a custom multi-threaded desktop application for high throughput that reduces the time to send large volume of SMS by over 50% and avoid browser timeout errors. InfoWARE also provides custom SMS application development to organizations that require it.