Stock Market Business

InfoWARE stock market business suite is a complete highly integrated system that provides a Back Office solution for the stock broking business along with an incorporated Risk management and risk monitoring tool. InfoWARE provides a flexible and fully scalable solution capable of supporting broker organizations of all sizes and types.

With our optional e-Business suite you can easily expand your marketplace to a global, online audience and serve customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


  • –   Fully integrated with general ledger
  • –  Equity trading and settlement
  • –  Jobbing book management
  • –  Trade splitting functionality
  • –  Automated sending of Contract notes via E-mail
  • –  Graduated commission (different for Buy and Sell) and flexible fee structure
  • –  Agency and full processing of agent trades
  • –  Scalability for high volumes of transactions
  • –  Stock trend analysis
  • –  Stock Re-valuation
  • –  Portfolio performance tracking
  • –  Statistical and graphical analysis
  • –  Auto-reconciliation of In-house portfolio with counterparties
  • –  Customer interactive online business suite
  • –  Proprietary trading
  • –  Margin account trading management
  • –  Public Offer managment
  • –  Automated Bonus issue and Dividend management
  • –  Integrated with Customer Signature verification
  • –  Equities Certificate management


  • –  Consistent user Interface
  • –  All trades confirmed to meet customer equities choice preferences/exceptions during jobbing
  • –  Customer account balances confirmed during jobbing and again during trading to prevent invalid trades
  • –  Comprehensive and extensible business rule validations during jobbing and trading
  • –  Single and bulk trade reversals possible with no side effects. All reversals are fully synchronized automatically with GL
  • –  Comprehensive audit trail and advanced security features
  • –  Supports multi-company, multi-branching and multi-currency operations
  • –  Full integration with risk management tools (KPIs)
  • –  Fully integrated real time decisions and Alerting system (SMS and E-mail)
  • –  Automated Trading Bank reconciliation tools
  • –  Fully integrated online interface
  • –  Business intelligence reporting
  • –  Integrated Lien tracking when stocks are used as collateral for Loans