InfoWARE Wealth & Asset Management is a superior and smarter solution for handling traditional and alternative investments across all major asset classes. We provide a robust wealth/asset management software and solutions with a client-centric approach, including effective management and innovative portfolio analysis/monitoring tools that enable Relationship Managers to focus on their clients’ needs.

Our platform helps wealth managers increase data accuracy, reduce costs and take on more funds without increasing operational headcount by providing a rich, end-to-end functionality and a highly flexible solution. It supports all asset classes and portfolio types, providing you with maximum flexibility to manage your business. It can be used as stand-alone service or integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Our solution has been architected to be the engine of any successful investment operation irrespective of the size of the Company.


Access to over 100 business intelligence and top management reports with an option for customized reports.

Advanced portfolio analytics and portfolio modelling tools that simplify your portfolio management, modelling, optimization, and portfolio balancing needs.

Highly integrated with a comprehensive and robust financial module.

Highly integrated with a next-generation order management system and flexible enough to be integrated with third party trade management system.

Robust rules-based compliance engine to achieve effective risk control and compliance with regulations


Improve productivity, reduce operational complexity and cost

Make data-driven decisions with the in-built advanced analytics tools

Enjoy real time risk control and monitoring

Simplified and comprehensive reports for making better-informed business decisions.