[titlesimple title=”INFOWARE FOR INVESTMENT TRADE” after_title=””]InfoWARE Global Investments (IWGi) is designed and developed primarily to meet the requirements of stock brokers, money managers and investment banks in emerging market economies.


IWGi captures all the information needed to provide a complete view of what’s going on in your business combined with real time business intelligence and analytics that provides unprecedented insight into your business.


InfoWARE helps you to stay ahead of essential client intelligence and gain comprehensive views of your investments, anytime, anywhere. With InfoWARE, you can focus on what matters most to you: generating transaction ideas, executing deals and nurturing vital client relationships.


Whether you are a Large Investment bank or a Small/medium-sized Investment bank in need of fast, reliable market, company and industry information tools, InfoWARE provides tools tailored to this environment to help you achieve this.[/titlesimple]

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