InfoWARE Market Data Terminal (IMDT)

InfoWARE Market Data Terminal (IMDT) gives you a complete overview of the markets that are important to you with real-time, delayed, historical and end-of-day data of the African Market.

#1 Market Terminal in Africa

The InfoWARE Market Data Terminal is a proprietary software solution that combines real-time analytics and market data in a modern and intuitive interface to help professionals manage their investments and discover new investment opportunities

Real-Time Market Data
The InfoWARE Market Data Terminal brings real-time market information for improved decision making by investors.
Real-time News
InfoWARE provides you with   info about the market all at no extra cost so that investors can make informed decisions.
Real-time Analytics
See how your stocks and portfolios a are performing in the market with real-time analytics and charts

Heat Maps

Get a look at the summary of the market with color Heat Maps on InfoWARE Markt Data Terninal (IMDT)

The Heat Map display of the InfoWARE Market Data Terminal allows you to gain a broad picture of the performance of stocks on the Stock Market. You can easily sort by Percentage Change, Sector ,Market cap and so on. Heat Map is not just limited to stock portfolios and equities but also currencies.

You can also drill down into a more detailed information of each stock on the Heat Map.


Intuitive Interface

Look at market financial data in a more intuitive and user-friendly interface. Take advantage of your screen monitor size by putting data that is important to you in different screens sizes within the same monitor. This gives you the ability to present data at your own discretion.
infoware market data terminal


Benefits of IMDT

Here are some of the features that make InfoWARE Market Data Terminal very unique and its benefits

Market Snapshots

Get a picture of your preferred market portfolio and stocks.

African Market

See how other African Markets are performing in different sectors


See how the dollar currency exchange rate with other countries across the world


Keep an eye on stocks that you prefer by using the watch-list to monitor the progress of those stocks


See how stock are performing commpared  to other stocks using the chart tool


Do performance based calculations bonds and other financial stocks


Do a quick study of the market by analyzing data and trends in the market


Get up to date real time news from various news sources


Set of Commands

With just a click of a button, you can find all the Financial Information you are looking for with our set of pre-configured commands
African/International Rate

Analyse the currency exchanges of both the African and International Markets

Commodities Market

Commodity markets include oil, metals, soft and grains

Country Info

Have in-depth Information about the financial market of African countries

Charting for Equities

Check the trends of some of the equities on the financial market

Complex Calculators

Do some advanced calculations and projections on bonds and other stock portfolios

NSE Index Performance

See the performance of the NSE Stock exchange over a period of time

Charts and Analytics

Charting Tools

Study the trend and patterns in the market with our charts and analytics tools
Plot your charts against the averages of stocks that are moving on the stock market
See how well a stock has performed over the last 5 days to over 100 days
Compare the performance of two different stocks within the set timeframe
See the chart in different types and shapes

Want to Know more

Our Technical Team are on standby to answer any more questions you may have. With InfoWARE Market Data Terminal (IMDT), the possibilities are endless.