InfoWARE market data terminal

Africa's Bloomberg Terminal plus more

InfoWARE Market Data Terminal (IMDT) gives you a complete overview of the markets that are important to you with real-time, delayed, historical and end-of-day data of the African Market

#1 Market Terminal in Africa

The InfoWARE Market Data Terminal is a proprietary software solution that combines real-time analytics and market data in a modern and intuitive interface to help professionals manage their investments and discover new investment opportunities

Real-Time Market Data

The InfoWARE Market Data Terminal brings real-time market information for improved decision making by investors.

Real-time News

InfoWARE provides you with info about the market all at no extra cost so that investors can make informed decisions.

Real-time Analytics

See how your stocks and portfolios a are performing in the market with real-time analytics and charts

Infoware market data terminal (imdt)

IMDT Heat Map

IMDT is a colorful and user-friendly application with a lot of features. With our Heat Map, you can analyse and get a view of the market in a friendly and colorful interface.

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Amazing Features

Here are some of the features that make InfoWARE Market Data Terminal very unique and its benefits.

Market Commands

Easy access to information using our default market command


Set conditions in the market that help you make quick investment decisions

Chart tools

Analyse years of market data in various chart forms

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