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InfoWARE Developer Network (IWDN) is for developers interested in building enterprise/social applications by leveraging the power of InfoWARE technology. When you join IWDN, you’ll get everything you need to build innovative applications on the number-one platform for on-demand business applications.

By joining IWDN, you get full access to the InfoWARE platform API, which has processed transactions worth over 2 Trillion Naira, and you will be empowered to build your own business applications on top of our powerful platform, speeding your time to market while achieving high reliability and scale.

The InfoWARE Developer Network gives you the end-to-end tools and support you need to succeed, including comprehensive technical services, product management collaboration, and extensive co-marketing and lead generation programs.

Join IWDN and start building valuable applications on the only on-demand platform that combines accounting / enterprise resource planning (ERP), securities trading, real time market data, SMS messaging, inventory & manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), payroll and live chat into a single system.

Sign up for IWDN by sending an email to iwdn@infowarelimited.com with “InfoWARE Developer Network signup” as the subject.

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