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InfoWARE Referral Partners (IWRP) are entrepreneurial minded individuals, who spot companies that are searching for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and introduce InfoWARE. IWRPs act as InfoWARE evangelists and take advantage of their network to refer InfoWARE while making an attractive percentage on successful sign ups.

As an InfoWARE Referral Partner, you make a certain percentage on every solid referral that leads to a successful sign up. IWRPs receive a referral fee depending on the type of solution that was signed up for. Different InfoWARE solutions have different referral percentage.


These are some of the benefits IWRPs enjoy from this program:

  • Opportunity to make huge income without affecting your day-to-day activities/job.
  • Official association with the leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) software vendor in the Pan-African region.
  • No sign up fee or membership requirements.
  • Exclusive access to InfoWARE features, benefits and new product releases.
  • Access to InfoWARE branding materials and partner events.


Companies you introduce to InfoWARE benefit from a comprehensive family of solutions that provide best-of-breed functionality, complete integration, scalability, ease of use and cost effectiveness. Clients get to pick and choose the solutions they want deployed in their organization.

InfoWARE Referral Program is a win-win program for every party involved.

Sign up for IWRP by sending an email to iwrp@infowarelimited.com with “InfoWARE Referral Partner signup” as the subject.

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