InfoWARE Risk Management

Manage the risk your business faces end to end with our risk and compliance management solution

InfoWARE Risk Management Suite (IRMS)

A top priority at corporations today is to gain visibility into and control over the multitude of internal and external risks. Executives and Boards want visibility into risk exposure and status so that they can effectively manage the organization’s long-term strategies. In response, companies are looking to systemically identify, measure, prioritize, and respond to all business risks, and then manage any exposure accordingly.


Drive Business Evolution with Intelligent Risk Solutions

Imagine a single, cost-effective solution that gives you the resources to monitor, investigate and mitigate risk across all facets of your businesses quickly and efficiently. 

IRMS covers all aspects of risk management process, ranging from initial risk identification, through risk assessment and evaluation to risk mitigation and monitoring, tracking and managing incidents, and ensuring proper follow-up and integrated reporting.No matter how your organization prioritizes risk, IRMS has proven methodologies and best practices to help yo


Our Offerings

Whatever the type of risk, InfoWARE Risk Management Suite offers a unique breadth of risk management solutions that detect, measure, quantify and optimize risk to achieve growth, enable regulatory compliance and safeguard your reputation. While recognizing the broad inter-dependencies among risk types, we have structured our solution into four areas where we see particularly close and meaningful affinities.

Financial Control

A single enterprise reconciliation platform that leverages data and provides support for auditing and account certification.

Fraud Prevention

 Fraud and money laundering detection and mitigation facilitate the convergence of anti-money laundering and fraud issues,

Financial Performance

Includes comprehensive tools for budgeting and planning, financial accounting, funds transfer pricing and profitability

Risk Analysis

For credit, market and liquidity risk to address the need for more scenario analysis across risk categories

Strategic View

InfoWARE Risk Management Suite gives you not only a strategic view of integrated risk management across all your business channels, but also the tools you need to minimize exposure and avoid financial losses. Our technologies manage more types of risk than any other organization.

At InfoWARE, our goal is to help you manage and prevent risk more effectively than ever before. We can help you achieve low-risk growth while continuing to meet your customers’ financial needs.

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