SME Essentials

A sophisticated, single – integrated ERP solution for SMEs providing greater visibility, making it easier to unlock potential, reduce costs, make informed business decisions and facilitate business growth.

For Startups and SMEs


SMEs can run their business with InfoWARE SME Essentials at a very low cost.
Business Transparency

Availability of full information required for collaboration, cooperation, & collective decision making

Cost Effective

Designed to address  the pressures of cash management,& the complexities of revenue recognition

BI/Dynamic Reporting

Utilize the right reporting capabilities in an ERP system as a tool for data visibility and informed decision making

Single Source of Data

Save time by eliminating dual entry of information and performing single data searches in various places.

#1 Software for SMEs

Our customers speak highly of SME Essentials and how it benefits their business
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Our partnership with FATE has enabled us to empower several SMEs in enhancing their financial management capabilities as well as optimize their business processes.

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SMEs can scale up in their business with little or no cost to their IT infrastructure.