[titlesimple title=”24/7 support service” after_title=”Our Commitment” css_animation=”bounce”]We provide our clients with first rate business solutions and back it up with unequalled service and support. We provide our clients software solutions that are cost effective, customizable, and scalable to grow with their business. We ensure that our clientele are provided with the cutting edge in today’s competitively¬† minded business environment to solve their unique challenges. Our software solutions are customized to suit each individual client needs and can further customized after delivery by each client to fit their business processes.

We have support teams located in both Nigeria and USA which enable us to provide 24 X 7 support for platinum customers.

Our premier maintenance and support packages can be further customized to suit our customers’ specific business needs

We believe in listening and being flexible to our customer needs and we typically work with them to further customize the premier (Gold or platinum) packages if the default does not satisfy their business needs.[/titlesimple]

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Get a proper introduction to the InfoWARE ERP via our online training portal.

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We are 24/7 online

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You can also submit a ticket at svcs.infowarelimited.com/crm


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You can have a live chat session with our support team now


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