We are the

Operating System for Business

Technology company

We ensure that our clientele are provided with the cutting edge technology to enable them remain competitive in today’s minded business environment. Our software solutions are customized to suit each individual client’ needs and can be further customized after delivery by each client to fit their business processes.

We provide our clients with first rate business solutions and back it up with unequaled service and support.

About InfoWARE

The Operating System for Business

InfoWARE empowers decision makers with real time market data, dynamic network of information and a powerful software to run your entire business. Our software solutions support life cycle management and strategic decision making in more personal and proactive ways.

Our Mission

To help make business processes simpler, and smarter, your possibilities made possible.

Our History

For over two decades, Africa’s #1 Software solution provider, InfoWARE Limited have been supporting leading firms in the financial industry across West Africa with highly reliable, modular, configurable, and scalable ERP, Fund management and real time business analytics solutions.

Since 1997, we have exceptionally delivered best-in-class functionality, complete integration, ease of use and cost effective end- to- end business solutions that has processed over 100 Trillion units of transactions.

Our software solutions are flexible. For every client we serve, we tailor our solutions to solve their unique challenges and needs. Upon implementation, we further customize our software solutions to fit each client’s entire business processes.


Financial technology provider of the year 2019 Award

InfoWARE wins financial technology provider of the year 2019 Award.


FinTech CEO of the year award

InfoWARE's CEO, Uwa Agbonile, wins FinTech CEO of the year award at the 5th Nigeria Finance Innovation Award.


Financial Technology Provider of The Year

InfoWARE Was crowned Financial Tech provider company of the year in 2018


Pan-African Software Provider

InfoWARE was officially used in Nigeria, Ghana, Cote d'Iviore and Kenya


Over 90% Bank Subsidiaries

Over 90%of the bank investment subsidiaries were using InfoWARE Solution


Cash Craft Asset Management Limited

Officially On boarded Cash Craft Asset Managment

Cloud Computing Pioneer

In 2007, we established our footprint in the Nigeria technology space, as leaders, by leading the way with solutions that meet the challenges of today and the opportunities of tomorrow.

InfoWARE is built on an open, yet advanced scalable architecture which offers low cost of ownership and uses established standards like HTTP, XML and .NET. Our solution pairs the most comprehensive and most flexible business functionality. Its design offers multiple application server support and horizontal scalability to support large number of users with true non-stop resilience.

R&D Investment

InfoWARE offers the most advanced financial software solution portfolio and funds management, brokerage and Investment banking companies, SMEs, and investors in Africa. Over the past 2 years, InfoWARE and Solutaris have invested over $1 million in R&D for the design and development of our latest V12 release.

We proactively prevent issues with our

Best-In-Class Support

Our software solutions are tailored to suit individual client needs and fit their business processes. And this is backed by our unparalleled support team using Artificial Intelligence tools and deep insight analytics to proactively prevent issues before they even happen or resolve them quickly before they become a problem. Hence, our support team provide unwavering first rate service to ensure that your business processes run seamlessly, without a hitch.

Numbers Don’t Lie

Since 2007, we have dominated the market with more than 90% of the bank brokerage subsidiaries in Nigeria using InfoWARE Solutions. Also InfoWARE Softwares are used to manage assets end to end

250BnAssets under Management
2MDollars in R&D
4African Countries

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