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How encompassing is your Portfolio and Fund Management Solution?

The modern day organizations have become quite advanced in regards to implementation of strategies, technologies and tactics for attaining the goals and objectives. It has been observed that all business sectors are making prolific strides in implementing advanced technologies that helps in achieving competitive advantage over others. Based on the fact, enterprise resource planning system has become […]

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InfoWARE Weekly Digest- Week 24

Inflation triggered from the supply side in the crude oil market, is distorting global economies. In the midst of the Ukraine Russian conflict, various apex banks are combating Inflation with Interest rates hikes. In Nigeria, the Equities market, is shedding gains in response to the 1.5% increase in the monetary policy rates. In Week 24, […]

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Why and When To Move – 5 Ways Cloud Deployment Can Save Your Company Money

For years, capital market operators in Nigeria have sought for better ways to collaborate while serving its stakeholders. The goal has been to provide market participants with a fully integrated, standards-based solution that eliminates manual processes and enables Straight through Processing of orders and settlement transactions. This search has been exasperating, plagued by communication infrastructure […]

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Managing and Trading Derivatives on NGX as an Alternative Investment Using the InfoWARE EOMS (Part 2)

The Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) has launched West Africa’s first Exchange Traded Derivatives Market with Equity Index Futures Contracts. In December 2019, a new derivatives framework was implemented by SEC overseeing Central Counterparty and Derivatives transaction; clearing a path for recognized exchanges like NGX to launch their own derivatives exchange. Sequel to this, the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX) announced […]

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