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InfoWARE Privacy Policy

InfoWARE & Solutaris LLC (“us”, “we”, or “our”) operates and maintain the Software Operating system (the “service”) This Privacy Policy page informs you of  our policies and procedures on the collection, use and disclosure of your information when you use our Service which tells you about your privacy rights and how the law protects You. […]

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Managing and Trading Derivatives on NGX as an Alternative Investment Using the InfoWARE EOMS (Part 1).

In December 2019, a new derivatives framework was implemented by SEC overseeing Central Counterparty and Derivatives transaction; clearing a path for recognized exchanges like NGX to launch their own derivatives exchange. As indicated by these principles, regulated exchanges have permitted to bring to the table Exchange-traded derivatives & standardized OTC derivatives; and clearing shall only be done […]

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Human Capital Management Operational Processes Using InfoWARE HR/Payroll Module

Picture this: Everything’s going well at your organization. Colleagues are getting along with each other. Teams are hitting their goals. Employees feel inspired by leadership. And communication is direct and clear.  That’s the scenario most businesses want for the workplace, but small issues with employees can often snowball into large problems if they aren’t dealt […]

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MDCL and InfoWARE partner to launch the Intermember Liquidity Placement Platform for Microfinance Industry

It has been over a month since our latest achievement: launching the Inter-member Liquidity Placement Platform in partnership with Microfinance Development Company Limited. And we’re still not over it! We welcomed magnates of the financial services sector at The Function Suite of Sheraton Hotel, Lagos, on March 31, 2021 for an exclusive forum for key […]

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How to avoid the $500 Million Error with InfoWARE Loans Management Solution

A federal judge has ruled that Citibank isn’t entitled to the return of $500 million it sent to various creditors last August. Kludgey software and a poorly designed user interface contributed to the massive screw-up. Timothy Lee, Senior Tech Correspondent, Ars Technica A top dog in the banking industry, CitiBank, experienced an unusual and catastrophic turn of […]

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A Letter from the CEO

2020 was a great year. 2021 will be greater. How We Weathered the Storm in 2020 It is without a doubt that 2020 was an unprecedented year for us all.  The COVID-19 pandemic presented people and businesses all over the world a whole different reality which resulted in dramatic changes in thinking, business agility and […]

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The Nigerian Fintech Landscape

Financial technology breaks into many categories such as artificial intelligence, asset management, advisory services, big data, biometrics, peer-to-peer lending, crowd computing, digital payments, blockchain, etc.  However, in the Nigerian fintech landscape, only some of these categories have fully developed.  About 69 percent of Nigeria’s fintech landscape accounts for financing, lending, payments and remittances which leaves […]

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InfoWARE E-business FAQ

Is there a computation where portfolio gain will factor in market charges for each instrument within a portfolio? -The Gain/Loss currently does not factor in the transactional charges as it meant to compute the “Unrealized Gain/Loss” without net of transactional charges if disposed. The reason is that it could be an estimate as the Customer […]

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As the COVID-19 coronavirus rattles industries, it is more important than ever for Brokerage houses to ensure that their employees have the tools they require to work remotely and securely. When traditional channels and operations are impacted by the outbreak, the value of digital channels, products and operations becomes immediately obvious; according to Gartner analyst […]

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Customer Pledge

“ We promise to deliver superior solution by providing Citadel Class Support Service. Our Passion goes beyond merely meeting your needs. With every interaction and request made, we want to exceed your expectations, making you a highly satisfied partner”. #StaySafe #InfoWARECares

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COVID-19 Newsletter

HOW TO PREVENT COVID-19 SPREAD Avoid close contact with people who are sick. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth. Stay home if you are sick – clients can call FCA to cancel appointments or home visits, and employees should contact their supervisor Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue […]

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COVID-19 Newsletter

It is a difficult time for all of us as we work to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on our employees, our partners, and our community. Coronavirus is not a scare but it is real just as we are doing all we can to protect ourselves, But despite the challenges, we remain committed to our […]

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Factors affecting trading in the fixed income trading market

Fixed-income investment has over the years become increasingly complex. It is imperative that those who develop fixed income strategies (economists, analysts, and strategists); those who implement strategies (asset managers and traders); and, ultimately, those who benefit from the strategies (individuals, corporates, and governments) do not lose sight of the risk involved. Generally, risks have a […]

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InfoWARE received financial technology provider Award & Uwa Agbonile bags Fintech CEO of the year at the 5TH Nigeria Finance Innovation Awards 2019

There are those people who constantly and tirelessly work behind the scenes, ensuring that processes are fast, easy, and smooth in the finance sector of the country. These unsung heroes need to be recognised and appreciated for the good work they do. The Nigeria Finance Innovation Awards was birthed out of the need to celebrate […]

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InfoWARE Market Data Terminal now Integrated into University’s Curriculum

In a bid to build a bridge between “town and gown”; ‘town’ being the non-academic population and ‘gown’ metonymically being the university community; InfoWARE Limited, as one of its Corporate Social responsibility, partners with Pan-Atlantic University (PAU) to integrate InfoWARE Market Data Terminal (IMDT) into the University’s curriculum

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FBNQuest Securities goes live on InfoWARE OEMS

Without disrupting the operations of the best broker in Nigeria (Award by EMEA Finance), we seamlessly implemented and deployed our Order and Execution Management Solution (OEMS) and E-Banking Portal to also enable FBNQuest serve the needs of its individual and high net worth clients. To support FBNQuest Securities current business strategy, InfoWARE executed some integrations […]

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