Streamline your loan management process, end-to-end

InfoWARE Loans Management  software enable you to manage any type of loan, both simple structured loans such as consumer loans and complex loans as well as mortgage loans

Over 240 Billion Naira Fund

Over 240 Billion Naira loans under management using the InfoWARE Loans Management solution by our various customers. We enable Banks, MFBs, and other financial institutions to digitize their business and loans management process from account opening, loan application, appraisal to disbursement, repayment, and recovery.

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InfoWARE Loans Management Solution

InfoWARE LMS is a fully automated loan processing software that empowers Credit Facility management institutions, Investment Banking and trust funds with the ability to quickly evaluate and identify applications that meet lending criteria, underwrite confidently, notify the borrower/beneficiary, and disburse the loan amount in quick time – resulting in the customer satisfaction.

With our solution, you can save cost by 55%, identify and control risk throughout the credit process, improve the speed and accuracy of loan applications, process a larger number of loan applications, eliminate sources of human error for faster, better-quality evaluation decisions, establish predictable, repeatable, and auditable processes that support compliance, analyze process and loan performance with the goal of continually improving efficiency and profitability.

For Investment and Micro-Finance institutions

InfoWARE Loans management solution delivers an end-to-end workflow-driven lending solution that automates Loan and Credit Origination, Management, and Collections, shortening time-to-market and ensuring compliance.


Handle from the simplest interest-only loans to the most complex commercial loans


Auto generated repayment schedule or you can upload your own payment schedule

Highly customizable

Reduce calculation errors, risk and bad debts, and time required to generate reports.

Why us

Get Reports of All Loans

Easily generate daily, weekly or monthly reports for management and investors for effective decision making and improved efficiency.


Want to see a demo of InfoWARE Loans Management Solution

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