The Operating System For Business.

We provide real time market data, dynamic network of information and a powerful software to run your entire business. Our solutions supports life cycle management and strategic decision making in more proactive ways.

Portfolio & Fund Management

InfoWARE Portfolio and Fund Management (InfoWARE PFM) solution syndicates data, analytics, real-time risk management, and all capabilities required to effectively manage large multi-asset portfolios and funds, and helps you meet clients’ need seamlessly. 

InfoWARE fund Management
Trading Options

Order & Execution Management Software

InfoWARE Order and Execution Management Software (InfoWARE OEMS) structures inbound order flow, enables traders to route orders, and to track trading activity using seamless and fast access to real-time trading, market data, and analytics.

Research /
Financial Risk Analytics

Software that helps evaluate businesses, projects, and budgets to determine their performance and suitability for Revenue generation, Operational and Capital efficiency, Solvency, Liquidity analysis and to produce quality profits consistently.

ERP Solution


Powerful software to run your entire business – sales, marketing, finance, HR, inventory, and operations processes. Reduce cost and grow your business with the Operating System for Business

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