Buy-side and sell-side trade management Hub

InfoWARE OEMS structures inbound order flow, enables traders to route orders, and to track trading activity using seamless and fast access to real-time trading, market data, and analytics.

InfoWARE Order and Execution Management System

empowers brokerage firms and dealers who buy and sell stocks and other securities for both retail and institutional clients through a stock exchange or over the counter in return for a fee or commission. It also empowers investment and financial advisor with real time analytics for effective decision making.

records all the financial activity within a business organization. This allows financial statement reporting and management of cash flows.

InfoWARE customer management platform manages customer requests and complaint. It also provides the required customer management KPI for effective management.

Evaluates and measures organizational compliance, perform risk assessment on compliance requirements, enhance compliance through initiatives, and track risk development. And it readily adapts to your existing business.


a brokerage management software solution that manages multiple asset classes, trading styles and desks, and all the information needed for Comprehensive, Multi-Asset Order Management with Integrated Compliance Unit, Decision Support and Portfolio Management.


End-to-end security Trading software designed to display market data and enable seamless routing of single name or baskets/lists to brokers representing various algorithmic/DMA, program and equities, FX, derivatives and fixed income trading destinations.


An exchange trading platform  that provides you consolidated  and reliable market data feed covering multiple asset classes, aid your decision making and execution, Increase Direct Market Access (DMA), Improve Performance, and keeps your Marketplace Operational.


Electronic Communication Network – a reliable and robust tool designed to match buy and sell orders and trades for interested investors by providing access to information, liquidity access, anonymity, Immediate trade execution, price feed transparency, and variable spreads.


InfoWARE Market Data Terminal -a  Data Intelligence tool that helps you find what you’re looking for faster by combining real-time global market data, news, analytics and electronic trading for equities, funds, fixed income, derivatives, and FX.

Compliance management

A solution that gets you ready for inspections and audits – help minimize risk, automate compliance, optimize security, and achieve a new level of operational efficiency. And it readily adapts to your existing business

Why brokerage firms and brokers choose Our Buy-side and sell-side trade management Hub


  • Trade Commissions
  • Customer Service
  • Trading Tools
  • Report Generation
  • Market Research
  • Investment Options
  • Retirement Accounts
  • Banking
  • Account Security
  • Speed & Order Execution
  • International Trading
  • Fees

We have a proven track record of successful implementations,

cutting edge support, and a standardized project management process that ensures we get you up and running in record time.

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