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- InfoWARE Portfolio and Funds management Solution

Powerful software that syndicates data, analytics, real-time risk management, and all capabilities required to effectively manage large multi-asset portfolios and funds, and helps you meet clients’ need seamlessly.

InfoWARE PFM seamlessly supports front, middle and back office with Portfolio Modelling & Performance Analysis, Custom management fee rules, Portfolio Management Compliance & Counter-party Risk Management, Automated workflows and standardized reports, Real-time data warehouse and custom reporting, and consolidated client and manager reporting.

Asset management

Top Investment institutions use InfoWARE Asset Management Solution  to manage investments across various asset and investment classes – Bonds, commercial papers, fixed deposit, Treasury Bills, Placements, Cash,

Fund Management

C-suite, top portfolio and fund managers use InfoWARE Fund Management Solution to fully automate business processes, reduce manual workarounds, and seamlessly manage investment funds to increase efficiency.

Loans Management

Loan management institutions and trust funds handle all forms of credit and loans; from the simplest to complex loans calculation using InfoWARE Loans management solution. A Software that manages your credit facility end- to-end without you worry about your ROI.

Risk Management

Manage and monitor risk across the entire investment lifecycle, eliminate disparate systems by managing all products on a single solution that enable risk analysts increase productivity through a complete set of capabilities that streamline investment process.


Top Investment institutions use InfoWARE PFM to manage investments across various asset and investment classes

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