InfoWARE Research / Financial Risk Analytics

Software that helps evaluate businesses, projects, and budgets to determine their performance and suitability for Revenue generation, Operational and Capital efficiency, Solvency, Liquidity analysis and to produce quality profits consistently.


The InfoWARE Market Data Terminal is a software that provides investors, professionals in the financial service sector and other industries with real-time, delayed, historical and end-of-day market information, news, analytics, 

Biz Chat

BizChat is an application which allows you communicate with other professionals and colleagues for free, by adding them up with their corporate email address.

Grow My Kudi

GrowMyKudi is an interactive virtual simulation application that allows trading in real-time and in the market without the risk of loss. Investment enthusiasts can explore real-time market data, virtually invest and 

InfoWARE Finance App

InfoWARE Finance App delivers real-time stock alerts to your phone, which keeps you completely updated on the performance of your investments. Giving you a competitive investing edge.

Finance Portal

Provides reports that enable decision makers to more accurately respond to situational trends, monitors price and trade-related data for financial instruments that trades on the exchange.

E Business

An Online web application that allows clients to manage their portfolio investments and trade in real-time in the market.


InfoWARE Research / Financial Risk Analytics


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Real-time, delayed, historical and end-of-day market information


Across the Pan-African region

Africa’s #1 Software solution provider, InfoWARE Limited have been supporting leading firms in the financial industry across West Africa with highly reliable, modular, configurable, and scalable ERP, Fund management and real time business analytics solutions.

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