Who We Are?

To provide our clients with first rate business solutions and back it up with unequalled service and support.
Our objective from the onset is to ensure that our clientele are provided with the cutting edge in today’s competitively minded business environment to solve their unique challenges. Our software solutions are customized to suit each individual client needs and can be further customized after delivery by each client to fit their business processes.


What we do?

BI Analytics

Data from various applications, system, and data-bases is gathered, accessed, formatted, compiled, and presented to the end-user, thus facilitating better, more efficient decision making by providing timely insight into important operations and activities.

Credit Union Mgr

Provides flexible and cost-effective way to manage co-operative credit union operations.

Mutual Funds Management

A multi-currency, multi-fund’s portfolio accounting, valuation, and performance evaluation system catering to the operational needs of investment managers, portfolio managers, insurance companies, mutual funds, unit trusts, and investment management companies.


Allows company executives and managers to view critical metrics in a dashboard setting to enable them more effectively and efficiently execute on strategy, improve business processes and manage key company metrics proactively.

Wealth Management

It offers a unique combination of an extensive portfolio of functions with impressive flexibility that enables end-to-end processing of investment products.


Our Clients

InfoWARE customers are toppling barriers and changing business as we know it. Across a broad range of challenges and a diverse set of industries, our customers are working better together inside and outside their organizations. The results are nothing short of transformational.