InfoWARE Protrader delivers a comprehensive solution to help firms of all sizes including banks, brokerage houses, and buy-side firms to leverage their existing infrastructure for multi-asset electronic trading with hundreds of global counter-parties, no matter how large. Currently the fastest recorded and most widely used exchange trading platform in the Sub Saharan Africa, InfoWARE Protrader combined with our robust risk management solution is trusted by a wide variety of market operators from Nigeria, to Ghana to Ivory Coast and beyond.

Whether you ‘re a broker dealer or an asset manager, you can be confident that InfoWARE Protrader can support your business objectives, with an easy learning curve that enables you to become fully operational with minimal effort and cost.

Key Benefits

  • Consolidated Market Data

InfoWARE Protrader delivers a high-speed consolidated market data feed covering multiple asset classes. It combines the world’s most sophisticated analysis tools with our high-performance market data feed to enable your decision making and execution.

  • Increase Direct Market Access (DMA)

Manage DMA client orders with automatic routing rules with true “no touch” capabilities, including custom-route buttons to send orders to whichever market you want with the parameters you need.  Leverage algorithmic and smart order routing technology for execution or send orders to a third-party algorithmic destination

  • Robust Risk Management

InfoWARE Protrader risk management module enables business professionals to perform pre-trade and post-trade risk evaluation using our industry leading proprietary margining system.

  • Enhance Attractiveness and Improve Performance

Streamline your workflow with a comprehensive end-to-end solution that delivers market-leading compliance, regulatory, counter party limit risk, straight-through processing (STP), confirmations, settlement and trade history reports.

  • Keep your Marketplace Operational

InfoWARE Protrader offers robust fault tolerance and disaster recovery. The resilient system is designed not to have a single point of failure throughout the solution and uses parallel, concurrent matching models helping to ensure zero transaction loss during a failover event.

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In an evolving FX markets, today’s traders need reliable, high-speed access to electronic markets. They need a flexible, end-to-end trading platform to fulfill their market-making obligations and work customer orders directly from the market depth and trade proprietorially.

At InfoWARE, we recognize that traders, salespeople, middle office professionals and administrators all have very different needs. Therefore, InfoWARE Protrader provides a single workspace customized for individual users to optimize their workflow. You can create a trading screen suited to your style with a fully customizable layout. InfoWARE Protrader also provides intuitive navigation, real-time monitoring and customizable-user reports
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