[titlesimple title=”Infoware” after_title=”E-Business Suite” css_animation=”bounce”]This application suite integrates directly with a web portal to allow clients customers have direct access to their information. The suite can also integrate seamlessly with existing systems.[/titlesimple]

Features of E-Business suite solution/Retail Suite

  • Online customer statement
  • Account balances
  • Customer statements
  • View statements in USD/GBP etc
  • Buy/Sell trades statement
  • Online print preview
  • Online tracking of portfolio gain/loss
  • Online mandates with option to or not to impacts jobbing book
  • Online real time buy/sell of stocks
  • Online customer feedback submission
  • Online customer registration
  • Simulated customer portfolio
  • Online customer password reset
  • Online contract notes
  • Online Verification Status
  • Simulated portfolio
  • Online trade Mandate with adequate security.

Business Benefits of InfoWARE E-business suite

  • Improvement in Business model
  • High Return on Investment (ROI).
  • Improved Customer Service experience
  • Increases efficiency in business processes
  • Monthly cost savings
  • Short time to completion
  • Service Reliability
  • Lower implementation cost
  • Data integrity and security.

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