Diversify your clients' portfolios.

Make well-timed investment decisions on behalf of your clients as grow their finances and portfolio.

Manage large multi-asset portfolios and funds

Top Investment Company or financial institutions across Africa, regardless of their definitions and formulas for AUM, and investment vehicles – bank deposits, mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and hedge funds, depend on InfoWARE PFM to effectively manage their products.

Oversee and handle financial institution’s cash flow, ensure that the maturity schedules of the deposits coincide with the demand for loans using InfoWARE Fund Management Solution.

C-suite, top portfolio and fund managers automate business processes, reduce manual workarounds, and seamlessly manage Mutual funds to increase efficiency. Over 70 top enterprise institutions manage large pool of fund collated from individuals for the purpose of investing in securities such as stocks, bonds, and money market instruments.

With InfoWARE PFM you can grow your business in new regions and asset classes, reduce operational cost, improve profitability, and make informed business decisions using simplified and comprehensive reports.

Fund Managment
End to End Solution
360 Degree View of Assets
Fully multi-currency enabled
Comprehensive Reports

Our solution covers the entire process from subscription and redemption process, general ledger posting to reporting.

Our solution’s reporting capabilities show a holistic view of all assets under management as well as breaking them into their various asset classes.

A portfolio can be managed in whatever currency that is required. There is also the currency exchange capabilities available as part of the solution.

Simplified and comprehensive reports for making better-informed business decisions.

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